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Reverse Engineering Flash- SWF : an overview...

Reverse Engineering Flash- SWF : an overview...

Reverse Engineering exes and linus applications is known.

However another interesting thing to learn is flash reversing. This can be used for action-script analysis or offensive hacking both!

Applying reverse engineering to browser components helps in catching vulnerabilities early in the  software development life cycle.

Reverse engineering can help in identifying resources bundled on the  browser side and one can dissect them to determine different security issues and concerns.

It contains reverse engineering the architecture of browser layer, fingerprinting components, discovery of cross  domain interactions, debugging calls, DOM inspection, decompiling components, inter-platform communication, socket calls inspection and vulnerability tracing

Static code analysis– It is simple to perform static analysis across code running in the browser.

JavaScript code is available in cleartext and it is possible to perform a review of the code to…